TILT Innlandet 2019

During TILT 2019 we are back at Innlandet and we are visiting Hamar, Gjøvik, Valdres, Vinstra, Tynset and Orkdal. This year's project is a collaboration between Teater Innlandet, Dansens Hus and Panta Rei Dance Theatre.

More information coming soon!

Byfest Fagernes - Dansevandring i Fagenes

Vi gjentar suksessen fra 2016 med vandreforestilling som skal fylle Fagernes sentrum med dans, musikk og overraskelser. 


KIRANA - children's own art project!

Workshop with Panta Rei Dance Theatre

For the dance groups at Kulturskolen and all the 10th graders at the secondary school in Tynset, there will be a dance workshop with Panta Rei Dance Theatre.

Hiking show in Nord-Fron

October 9th, there will be a hiking performance in Nord-Fron!

Concert performance at Tynset

TILT Tynset and the Cultural School organize a concert performance for the elderly and kindergarten children.

Dance visit to Parkgården nursing home!

Ballet dancers visited Parkgården nursing Home!

Heme her

Have you heard the new song "Heme Her"? TILT Hamar region has made a song about Stange, Løten, Ringsaker and Hamar.

Big Draw

Big Draw - an interactive art project at Rambu, with the artists Esther Brelin and Marius Reed in collaboration with secondary school.

Dans på stien

Dans på stien -a walking performance in Stange's beautiful nature! You will be taken on a magical hike from HIAS beach, along the Ottestad path, and end up at beautiful Atlungstad Brenneri!

Artistic dance film in Brumunddal

Through TILT in Brumunddal, a dance film will be developed in collaboration with the AO-service in the municipality. Read more here!

MOVE dance festival

TILT 2019 started under the MOVE dance festival in Hamar in May!

TILT 2019

We repeat the success from 2016 and take TILT back to Innlandet! See what happens during TILT 2019 here!