TILT 2015 Østfold

TILT 2015 was conducted in collaboration with Dansekunst in Østfold. The project was supported by The Savings Bank Foundation DNB and Dansekunst in Østfold. The project reached 33,000 audience members and 2600 participants in Østfold.


Lullaby is an energetic dance performance with three male performers on stage. In a rare combination, raw masculinity meets lullabies. The dancers are accompanied by live music on stage.

Performing arts in public spaces

In collaboration with students from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and the program Performing arts in public spaces - a continuing education program, the students participated in TILT events around Østfold fall 2015.

Wandering workshop at the library

There will be held wandering workshops at local libraries.
Jens & Julie will also be there!

Østfold dances - a short film

An unusual dance film.


A dancing flashmob will appear here and there around innlandet this spring.

Dance camp at Mysen

There was a dance camp at Mysen in September.

The World's Most Awesome Day

In collaboration with TILT's main sponsor Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, Panta Rei Dance Theatre was at Verdens Kuleste Dag in 2015.

Flere Farger (Several Colors)

A meeting between different stories and cultures, between different nationalities.
TILT is a collaborator with Flere Farger in the municipality of Sarpsborg.

Kulturkonfirmasjon at the St. Croix house

Kulturkonfirmasjon will takes place every year at the St. Croix house. Panta Rei Danseteater and TILT  participated in 2015 with their own dance workshop.

Other projects

Here you can read about other projects under the TILT umbrella.


Hip-hop meets contemporary dance.
Jens Trinidad meets Julie Ekornes.
Local teen groups will also join them several places!