Therese Slob shares her thoughts on dance and TILT Grow on Talent Norway's website:

What are you wanting to achieve with dance?

When I started dancing it was not to achieve anything, but as an infatuation that has never ended. For me personally, the dance has meant a huge amount, especially in adolescence - the dance studio became a place where I came "home". For me, dancing is an honest language that does not have to detour through words. And here are rooms, space and lots of shades. Getting involved in creating this "room" for children and young people means a lot to me. The dance is a unique platform for building identity, self-esteem, relationships, cohesion and self-discipline while providing space for differentness and research of the "self". Although I have grown up, I still fall in love with the dance and I feel like a shaken can of soda if I cannot create or move. In my artistic work and work on creating performances, I am interested in interpersonal relationships and in telling the story one often does not see. Many artists are most concerned with "how", but for me, "what" is important. I find it meaningful when art says something, thinks something or dares to ask questions.

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