How to communicate well as a dance artist?
Friday, May 3, at. 0930-1500Teater Innlandet, Torggata 100, Hamar

As an independent dance artist one is often alone in working with communication of his own productions and works. Then it may be useful to meet others in the same situation to discuss the challenges you face.

- How can you become more visible?
- How to vary the language when reaching different target groups?
- What distinguishes an application text from promotion?
- How do you manage to be clear in your communication?

At this seminar, Panta Rei Dance Theatre, Teater Innlandet and Dansens Hus gave an insight into how they work with communication of dance, with extra emphasis on text, images and communication in social media. By sharing their experiences, we also gained insight into what the programmers and co-producers emphasize in order for them to be able to do a good marketing job - both in the big cities and in the districts.

At the end of the day, the focus was on photography of dance art. Knowing that man processes images 60,000 times faster than text, it says a lot about how important the images are in the communication work and to give a credible expression.

The seminar was arranged in collaboration with MOVE Dance Festival.