To ensure a long career in dance art, it does not hold a well-trained body and well-developed physical skills. Good mental health and well-being are also important.

At this seminar we wanted to invite to conversations and debate about how we can jointly secure a good dance environment and how each one can ensure good mental health in an often pressured and demanding work situation. Dancer Suzie Davies, a sports psychologist and Ung Arena contributed with their experiences and knowledge.

Hooman Sharifi showed the solo "The Dead Live On in Our Dreams" at Dansens Hus that night and "stopped by" the seminar to tell about their personal experiences. He did this in conversation with the union leader Kristine Karåla Øren.

The seminar was a collaboration between Panta Rei Dance Theater, Norwegian Dance Artists (NODA) and Dansens Hus.

In 2019, TILT Grow happens for the second time and aims to promote professional dance, as well as making dance artists more viable in an ever-changing field. In this regard, a number of open seminars are arranged for all dance artists, where important topics are highlighted and current issues are put on the agenda.