"Dance is and has always been a big and important part of my life as long as I can remember. It makes me feel at home. A basic desire for movement resides within me and I cannot imagine a life without dance!"

Nora Svenning, one of the talents in this year's TILT Grow program, guests Starcke Stücke with the show Make Me Dance in March. The performance is a co-production between Panta Rei Dance Theatre and Brageteatret and visits Frankfurt as part of Norway's commitment to the Book Fair in Frankfurt 2019.

Nora Svenning (28) is a graduate of classical ballet at the Oslo Academy of the Arts (KHiO). After graduating, she spent one year at Cannes Jeune Ballet in France, and has since then worked as a freelancer based in Oslo. Make Me Dance is a choreographed concert where the performers on stage share their personal stories of why they ended up as professional artists.

"In dance, I have a direction, a drive and an unquenchable source of joy. Through movements I get to explore and express what feels important to me, reinforced by the music and the encounter with the audience. In Make Me Dance we are at the core of all this when we tell our personal stories about happy events in life, but also by expressing what has been tough and difficult along the way. With this we will convey that one must never lose faith in oneself, but dare to take a chance and follow your passion so that dreams come true."

After seeing Make Me Dance, journalist Mari Johnsen Viksengen said: "This piece is not just about dance as a passion, but also about how any passion is important to give life meaning."​