- I look forward to meeting young dance artists - and sharing my experiences and passion for dance. Now I look forward to taking an active role in an important development process, and go into dialogue to promote reflection, commitment and new knowledge - both for the mentors (the participants) and myself as a mentor.

Ella originally comes from Trondheim, but now lives at Toten where she founded and runs R.E.D. which in 2018 was recognized as a Regional Competence Center for Dance. She has 27 years of background as a dancer, choreographer, and producer with experience both nationally and internationally.

Ella is the artistic director of the film festival RIFF, which has the vision of bridging the dance, art and film field, and is also a director and filmmaker. She is among other things known for the Einawood X-mas show, Angels over Toten, Triptych 0811, The Net of Pas de Deux, Murder in Dreamland. Previously she has been a soloist at the Theater de Chatelet in Paris, played her performances in New York, Mexico City, New Dehli, St. Petersburg, and Casablanca, as well as touring in both Canada, Europe and Norway. She was awarded the Vestre Toten Culture and Sports Award for 2019.


- I want to be a mentor because it is valuable to spar with others about the everyday life we ​​have as dancers and our experiences. You take the time to reflect on topics that affect us in our daily lives and together we are hopefully left with a wider knowledge of our profession.

Silje has been a dancer in Panta Rei Dance Theater since 2009 and has managed several projects for the company. She has a BA from the University of Stavanger and an MA in "Dance Performance" from Laban in London where she was part of the school's company "Transitions". She has previously danced for, among others, Dybwikdans, Inclusive Dance Company and Rogaland Teater.


- I experience the mentor role as exciting and challenging, and my previous experiences as a mentor have been very educational. When I was asked to be a mentor, I thought it was nice that someone thinks others might benefit from the experience I have.

Matias left the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2009 and has since worked with many choreographers and groups such as Sigurd Heide, Dansdesign, Kari Hoaas, Eivind Seljeseth, Heine Avdal / Yukiko Shinozaki, Suzie Davies / Mattias Ekholm, Helen Blackburn and Panta Rei Dance Theater to name a few.

Since 2011 he has been affiliated with Ingun Bjørnsgaard Project in the productions Omega & The Deer (2011), The Solitary Shame Announced By a Piano (1997/2012), Praeambulum (2013), Rotating Nora (2014) and A list of things he said ( 2018).

Matias received the National Arts Grant for younger artists in 2013. In the spring of 2014, he visited the National Ballet in "Alveberg på drømt hav", and has since been affiliated with the National Ballet as an independent dance artist. He has danced prominent roles in pieces by, among others, William Forsythe, Jiri Kylian, Ingun Bjørnsgaard, Jo Strømgren and Ina Christel Johannesen.


- I want to be a mentor to be able to contribute to a positive development in another dance artist. It is both exciting and challenging to use your own experiences, listen and be present as a sparring partner in a process. I look at being a mentor as a source of mutual development.

Julie graduated from Spin Off's pre-study in dance, and has a bachelor's degree in contemporary and contemporary dance from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. She has worked with eg. Molitrix Performing Arts, Dance Design, Rogaland Theater and Region Theater West. Since 2009, Julie has been a dancer for Panta Rei Dance Theatre. She participates in the productions "We Fiction / Private Rite", "In Wish Her Well", "The House GranNabo", "Jens & Julie", "Promise Of Departure" and "Make Me Dance". She also holds workshops and has roles as project, tour and test leader for the company. Julie has been employed by the Alliance for Actors and Dancers since 2016.


Janne is an educated actor at the Acadamy of Theatre in Oslo and has been employed by Hålogaland Theater. As a freelancer, she has had engagements at the National Theatre, the Norwegian Theatre, Riksteatret, the Ibsen Theatre and Brageteatret. She has also participated in several TV, radio and film productions.

Janne has been theatre manager at Teater Innlandet since 2011. In recent years she has worked as a director in various contexts, including Knut Nærums Willy Nelson's famous "Mor mi" and theater version of Jon Michelets novel sucsess "Skogsmatrosen" for Teater Innlandet and Levi Henriksen's autobiographical concert performance "The best band in heaven for Music in Hedmark". In 2019 she is director of "Korps" by Knut Nærum both at The National Stage / Hordaland Theater and for the Performing Arts Østfold / Akershus Theatre.

Before Janne started as theatre manager for Teater Innlandet, she ran her own production company, Barske Glæder Productions. She has extensive experience from the free field, both as a producer, playwright and performer.


- It gives me great motivation and meaning to be able to use and share my experiences in dialogue and dynamics with a younger colleague through mentoring in TILT Grow. TILT Grow appears as a very thorough and serious program in terms of facilitating the participants' development in a holistic artistic, human and structural perspective.

Cecilie has worked as a dance artist for over 30 years, mainly related to the free performing arts field, with the exception of two years in Carte Blanche, as well as engagements at Riksteatret, Rikskonsertene and The Norwegian Theatre. She has participated in well over one hundred productions as well as individual performances, improvisations, events and concerts. In addition to her own projects, Cecilie has collaborated with a wide range of choreographers and other artists and has extensive national and international tour activities. Since her studies she has worked closely with choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen. In recent years Steen has among other things worked on performances and projects in the collaboration with Shanti Bramachari, Mia Habib, Kristina Gjems and Janne-Camilla Lyster.