TILT Grow 2018

TILT Grow is a talent development program supported by The Savings Bank Foundation DNB and Talent Norway. The program lasts over three years and offers four to six professional dance artists each year to participate. In 2018, the program will focus on Trøndelag and Central Norway.

TILT (2015-2020)

TILT is a dance prosject over 6 years (2015-2020) supported by The Savings Bank Foundation DNB. The goal is to make big parts of Norway dance. Panta Rei Dance Theater runs and leads the project and cooperates with six regional theatres and art institutions during the prosject period. They create a new production for touring each year. The tours are followed up by tailored dance projects in each municipality and city. 

MUDA Africa 2013-2017

Panta Rei Danseteater together with Performing Arts Hub Norway, and the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam, has contributed in the development of MUDA Africa Dance in Tanzania.

Thanks to MuDa, I can travel the world, I own a company and I am able to make a living and sustain myself. I am no longer dependent on my family and I am able to pay my rent. I feel free and happy”.  Saidi Alawi former student at MUDA

Approachable (2016)

Five young dancers from Halden Dans- og Ballettskole traveled to Ramallah in Palestine and met seven young dancers there.

Who are you? Who am I? How will we get to know each other and what does that spark off?

EEA project (2015)

Panta Rei Dance Theatre and Lithuanian AURA Dance Theatre has joined together for the EEA project GODOS.

GODOS was one of 11 projects chosen by the Lithuanian Culture Ministry.

Miniøya (2013)

In June 2012 Panta Rei Danseteater was involved in something completely new! On behalf of the children's cultural festival and Norsk Scnekunstbruk PRD choreographed a dance to Samsaya’s song Good With The Bad, which was performed as a flashmob by an entire audience. This cooperation continued in 2013.

"It was amazing to see all Tøyenparken dance the Miniøya flashmob"

Louisa Winess Prestgard, general manager Miniøya, June 2012.

Frie Fraspark (2013)

Frie Fraspark gives students an impactful encounter with dance and dance professionals. Students attend workshops in creative dance, create their own choreographies and participate in performances. The Frie Fraspark project will continue to run throughout 2013.

"We got no homework and danced all day. Wish we could dance all year."

Children from primary school quoted in Gjellerås Romerikes magazine.

CODAUng (2012)

CODA Oslo International Dance Festival celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2012, with the youth program CODAUng as a primary focus. Panta Rei Danseteater managed and coordinated the CODAUng project, and will continue the collaboration in 2014.

"I will continue to dance every day after this!"

12 year old boy from Nordre Aker, October 2012.