Panta Rei Dance Theatre (PRD) is based in Oslo, Norway and was established in 2000. The company is known for fast-paced, colourful dance theatre performances that are accessible to a wide range of audiences in a variety of theatrical and non-theatrical spaces. PRD has one of the most diverse audiences in Norway and in 2017 the company was nominated for Norwegian Audience Development Prize. 

The company tours nationally and internationally, building long-term relationships with partners and projects.

PRD has three main areas of focus:

1) Production and Performances: PRD premiere a new production each year in co-production with a theatre/venue/festival for an extended Norwegian, regional tour as well as planning for international touring. 

2) Touring & Networking: Both national and international visibility is important to the company. Nationally we continue collaborations with several regional theatres, resource centres, and the Cultural Rucksack project.  Internationally, PRD collaborates with many established partners in England, France, Sweden, Palestine and Tanzania alongside ongoing efforts to develop new connections in other countries.

3) Extending our Work: PRD creates projects for local communities when the company is touring. For many, contemporary dance is a new experience so we work closely with local arts practitioners to craft events and performances that are suited to the local people that both watch and take part in PRD’s projects.We strive to create an ownership of the art form in general and to PRD ́s artistic approach. It is important for us to give the audience a greater enjoyment of the company ́s work and we believe that close involvement with our dancers and building lasting relationships with local artists and groups is key to achieving that goal.