Home is often a busy place. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we are all looking for a bit of quiet. A nice hot cup of silence. Because it is precisely in those moments of quiet that our deepest thoughts arise. To honor this need, we have built a very special performance, called "Silence", that will be performed in peoples living rooms. In it, four young women will explore what arises when we find that moment of silence. The thoughts, feelings, and revelations that arise. When you invite the performance into your home, it will use gesture, rhythm, and interactive moments to share a very special experience.

Afterwards, over a real cup of coffee or tea, you can get to know the performers, and let them get to know you. The performance is designed to adapt to all sorts of spaces, so it doesn´t matter how big or how small your living room is, there is always room for a cup of silence. 

“We were impressed by the way the dancers made eye contact with each other and the audience. They communicated in a way that made it very interesting to watch. It was very nice that the performance was in an apartment. None of us had experienced anything like this performance before”*, Traci Duodu, Young voices for Scenekunstbruket.

“The dancers in Silence show us the thoughts, feelings and acknowledgment one finds in a moment of silence”, Sunniva Inderhaug Nerbøvik, Romsdals Budstikke. 

"Silence" is a co-production by Panta Rei Dance Theatre, DansiT & Dansens Hus.

The performance is supported by Talent Norway and The Savings Bank Foundation DNB. 

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