Make Me Dance (2017)

Make Me Dance is a choreographed concert. Through movement, sound and text the three dancers and one musician look at why they have become professional artists. Make Me Dance is a performance about the choices we make and the small, yet universal stories that shape us as human beings. 

Make Me Dance is an energizing performance that suits a cross generational audience. It is a performance that inspire and leave you nostalgic. The movement vocabulary and text are results of discussions between the performers and the creative team. Discussions based on stories of how it all started, how the need to dance became the key to the future and the source of challenges and success.

Make Me Dance is an immersive dance theatre production where the audience is part of the performance space, encapsulated by the scenography. 

Make Me Dance is a co-production between Panta Rei Dance Theatre and Brageteatret.

Feedback from audience:

"I really felt we were part of the performance not just looking at it". 

"Thank you for this amazing performance. It has been a real blessing seeing this piece of art". 

Make Me Dance" is so important. They (Panta Rei Dance Theatre) tell you what can happen if you get involved in life", 

Eva-Maria Magel, Rhein-Main-Zeitung, Frankfurt Germany.

“I would recommend anyone to see the show. Make Me Dance fills its audience with energy and joy”,, Norway (Young audience website) 

“Are you fond of dance? Then you should see Make Me Dance ... Amazing dancers with raw energy and an infectious enthusiasm for dance”, 
Arnhild Staal Pettersen, Managing Director DansiT, Trondheim

 "This is a piece not only about dance as a passion, but about how any kind of passion is important to give life reason", 
Mari Johnsen Viksengen, Ringeriketsblad.

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