I Wish Her Well is an intricate performance, combining storytelling, high tempo energy and an evocative sound score by British composer Nathaniel Reed that infuses the performance with melody and atmosphere. It is a captivating production that seeks to move and engage. Act one is based on the stories of four women who are closely related to the dancers, whilst act two is based on the diaries of a 16 year old girl. She is now an 82 year old woman who generously shared her thoughts and experiences with the choreographers and dancers.

The production period took place in Norway, Sweden and Tanzania, culminating in a premiere performance for CODA Oslo International Dance Festival’s 10th anniversary at the Dance House, Oslo (2012).  After the premiere the performance has continued on tour in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, England, Zimbawe and Tanzania. The tour will continue in 2015-2016.

Here is a video about I wish her well with interviews of the team involved.

Below is a trailer of the performance:

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