Born to Live (2019)

“Everybody has a story to tell”

Young people feel loneliness more intensely and more frequently than any other age group, new research has found. In the UK about 40 percent of people aged 16-24, say they feel lonely often or very often, compared to 29 percent of 65-74-year-olds according to a nationwide survey. 

The findings fly in the face of the stereotypical image of a lonely, elderly person, with some experts suggesting that young people feel loneliness more intensely because they are at a life stage of discovering who they are. Between the ages of 16 and 24, people generally go through a time of identity change and of learning to regulate emotions, which can lead to a feeling of isolation.

“When we really need to be heard it is important to be taken seriously”

Four dynamic dancers bravely share their own personal encounters with loneliness.

Born to Live is co-produced with Teater Innlandet and part of the national project TILT.

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