Born to Live (2019)

“When we really need to be heard it is important to be taken seriously”
Four dynamic dancers bravely share their own personal encounters with loneliness.

Silence (2018)

Home is often a busy place. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we are all looking for a bit of quiet. A nice hot cup of silence. Because it is precisely in those moments of quiet that our deepest thoughts arise.

Make Me Dance (2017)

Make Me Dance is is a choreographed concert, produced by Brageteatret and Pantarei Dance Theater.

"This is a piece not only about dance as a passion, but about how any kind of passion is important to give life reason" Mari Johnsen Viksengen

Promise of departure (2016)

Promise of departure is a work that explores vulnerability and strength. Teater Innlandet and Panta Rei Danseteater co-produced Promise of Departure in 2016, a double bill created in collaboration with British dance maker Rachel Erdos. 

You just have to allow yourself to be captured by the magical atmosphere and enjoy three exceptional dancers” Dan Cato Røe, Stangeavisa

GODOS (2016)

The inspiration for the Lithuanian choreography is the elemental past and its reflections in the people of today. Meanwhile, Panta Rei takes its inspiration from the interpretation of Godos as the song of the heart. The performance is a part of the EEA project funded by the Norwegian Arts Council and the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

2016 GODOS received the award for best performing arts production during the international theater festival in Rokiškis, Lithuania. 

Lullaby (2015)

Lullaby is an energetic dance performance where three men meets raw masculinity and lullabies in a rare combination. All accompanied by live music.

"… Panta Rei, go right to the heart (again) of pressing social and personal issues with an honesty which is startling.”  Tim Smithies, Carn to Cove

On the Outside (2014)

ON THE OUTSIDE is Marie Munroe and Panta Rei Dance Theatre's (PDR) first collaborative work. Based on a shared fascination with a quote by Dave Eggers – “You have What I Can Afford To Give” – they aim – through their different means of expression to communicate the loneliness found in togetherness. Anastasia Isachsen creates spaces of light and images. Costume design by Hanne Iveland Henriksbø

The House (2014)

The house GranNabo (The word “neighbour” in Norwegian and Swedish is mixed together to form the word GranNabo) is located between Norway and Sweden. It houses curiosity, love and uncertainty.

Hamar Arbeiderblad , Geir Vestad : " Beautiful about neighbours … It is full of charm and playfulness,


Behind the mirror is a high paced, quirky and beautiful adventure inspired by Alice in Wonderland. 

Something that also impressed us was the dancers. Silje Bævre Lian and Stuart Waters was absolutely incredible!

SUS scenekunstbrukets young voices.


Four women, a collection of stories, a handful of hourglasses and a huge mirror. I Wish Her Well tells simple stories of everyday events that are universally meaningful, but nonetheless remain invisible when official history is written.

“Strong, physical, fast, beautiful, precise storytelling, thought-provoking and very beautiful."

 Camilla Eklöf, artistic director and choreographer, Regionteater Väst, Sweden


In WeFiction the dancers’ personal memories are brought to life in a stunningly theatrical and energetic physical performance. In Private Rite the dancers’ performances become an obsession with the search for the perfect dance work.

“…the show was marvellous... Our audience was held in awe and delight.”

Syd Simmons, Head of Drama at Gillingham College

TO (2007)

TWO is a physical and playful duet about fighting, interacting and finding a common ground in movement and expression.

"One of Europe's best kept secrets"


Invisible Dances & Underveis (2005)

Invisible Dances is a fun, lively trio created to entertain its audience. Greener on the Other Side is a rich mix of quirky movement, spectacular lifts, humour, text and an original sound score that will leave you humming it for the rest of the day.

”Full of surprises, charm and free flow of fantasy”

Anette Murer, Dagbladet, September 2005