In August and September we are traveling to Hong Kong with the performance ”Lullaby” as part of the ArtisTree Selects Moving Pieces, in addition there will be an extensive workshop series.
In september we are performing "I wish her well" and ”Lullaby” at the Alexander Theatre på Monash Univeristy in Australia. 
Panta Rei Dance Theatre is part of the MLIVE concept that you read more about here.

The tour to Australia is made possible through the support from the Norwegian Arts Council, the Fund for Performing Arts, the Audio and Visual Fund and Stikk/PAHN.

In August we were also a part of SommerWorks.

TILT 2019

During TILT 2019 we are back at Innlandet and there are a lot of exciting things going on!
This year's project is a collaboration between Teater Innlandet, Dansens Hus and Panta Rei Dance Theater.

Read more about TILT 2019 here!


In 2019, the talent program TILT Grow will be arranged for the second time. The talent program is supported by Talent Norway and the Savings Bank Foundation DNB, and is this year a collaboration with Teater Innlandet. 

Dance artists in TILT Grow 2019

The dance artists who will be part of TILT Grow 2019 have been selected - see who they are here!